Paying For Tips I Does It Bring A Value?

Paying for tips has always been a controversial topic in sports betting. Numerous people asked me tons of questions about it. Some of them are strictly against this form of service, while the others are fully supportive. So, I took a keyboard to give my two cents on this hot topic. Should one pay for a tipsters’ service? In this article, I will try to help you find the answer to this burning question. No, I won’t tell you it’s a no-brainer, and you should definitely go for it, although we offer the Premium service. But, I will analyze different aspects to help you decide whether to try a paid service or not. Let’s dip into more details about tipsters and what a paid service is about.

Tipsters Service: How Does It Work?

Another way of making money from sports betting is by providing a tipsters service to other punters. It means that a punter pays a certain fee for getting picks to bet on. So, what is the catch about it?

Let’s clear one thing straight away. Tipsters service is not about buying fixed matches. Everybody who claims on the internet to have fixed matches is likely to scam you, get your money, and disappear. Even if someone knew about a fixed game, he certainly wouldn’t tell a lot of people to wager it since it may easily become the so-called public bet. The information about fixed matches usually remains in the very narrow circle of people who want to make money from it.

A tipster sells his service to a fellow punter and provides picks on the likely outcome of an event. It doesn’t necessarily need to be football, but any kind of sporting event. And here is the key part – the likely outcome – which doesn’t necessarily mean it will definitely happen. Tipsters offer different types of subscriptions, and the most common ones are:

  • Packages – where a punter gets a certain number of picks (15, 30…)
  • Subscription – where a punter subscribes to a service for a certain period (weekly, monthly subscription…)
  • Combination of the two above

Okay, it has been pretty straightforward so far, but how can you find a trusted service?

Beware of Tons of Unverified Services

A huge expansion of online sportsbooks changed the sports betting industry’s shape, which moved its operations online. Consequently, the internet is flooded with tipsters that offer their services to all kinds of punters. When you mention tipsters to an average bettor, it will always have a negative connotation.

Nowadays, everybody can become the so-called tipster in ten minutes. You can create an account on social media, put some fancy pictures, follow like-minded people, and claim that you have a certain – in all the cases – a very high percentage of winning. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

However, these tipsters, or better to say “tipsters,” are there only to make some noise and get some quick money, without caring about their subscribers’ profit. They will always look for new customers, and in most cases, they won’t take care of the existing ones. In the best case, even if they have an honest approach, they make their picks just by a quick look at the table. Not to mention scammers that are sneaking behind every corner claiming that they have 100% fixed matches, but they usually do a pyramidal scheme and disappear for good. And after they got revealed, nothing prevents them from opening another profile and starting it all over again.

How to Recognize a Verified Service?

Nevertheless, there are tons of legit tipsters services in the market. How can you distinguish them from those mentioned above? Well, their services are always verified by an external provider. It means that those tipsters submit their picks to a third-party platform that monitors their success rate and provides the stats for their service. Tipsters who don’t have their own websites can sign up for platforms like Blogabet or Tipstrr, and customers can subscribe to their service directly from there.

On the other hand, those who run their websites can register to BetVerified to monitor their stats. As you may already know, that’s the case with Bat-Bet as well since we submit all our picks to BetVerified, and they get distributed to our subscribers. In this case, a customer can make a direct payment to the tipster service, and they will get the same tips submitted to the verification platform. Customers can see stats at any time and ensure that they got what they paid for. With this kind of approach, verified tipster services can work for years, build their reputation, and eventually get a significant customer base.


Professional vs Amateur Tipsters

When you find a verified service, you already made a huge step, and you can invest your money without being scammed. However, this still doesn’t mean you will start making profits. It would help if you made sure that the service you have shortlisted is the professional one. But how can you be confident that you paid for the professional and not an amateur service? Well, it is not that as obvious as when distinguishing verified from unverified tipsters.

Professional tipster makes money from sports betting and spends hours daily to analyze the offer. Usually, it can be a full 40-hour week, so it is pretty similar to any other job in terms of invested time. So, behind every placed pick, there are hours of work spent in covering all its details. Professional tipster needs to perform a sequence of different actions: check team news, explore in-depth stats, creating and adjusting various models, and so on. It is much more than spending ten minutes skimming through the table, basic stats, and recent streaks. And that is exactly what amateur tipsters do.

What about Losing Streaks?

Let’s be clear on this as well. Every professional tipster has a bad run. And it’s not a shame to admit it. Sooner or later, a pro tipster will have a red month or even a streak of negative monthly balances. But, that’s where pro tipsters put their character on a test. A good tipster will always remain responsible and calm since it is the only way to recover. It will always search for a value and won’t give up on the strategy that is proven and works. If you see a tipster changing strategies, significantly increases the number of picks, or rising stakes, it’s likely an amateur.

Why Should I Consider Paying for a Tipster Service?

At this point, you may ask a completely legitimate question: Why pro tipsters are selling their services when they are so good at sports betting?

Let’s focus again on the keyword – service. Tipsters service is just like any other kind of service. When you pay for a tipster, you pay for the time spent in all types of analysis. If you don’t have time to cook, you will go to a restaurant or just go outside and grab something to eat. And you will pay for it more than you would spend on buying all ingredients and preparing the meal by yourself. You pay for something you don’t have time to invest in. A professional tipster provides a service that you cannot provide yourself, and the cost is small, especially if you are a high-roller.

Conclusion: Consider Verified Services Only

As you can see, paying for tips has its pros and cons. Cons are mostly related to unverified services since you can easily get scammed. If you find a tipster without a detailed record, operating on social media and unverified platforms, you should definitely stay out of them. On the other hand, verified services have their positives. Stats are always transparent, and you can have a detailed track of the tipster’s record. They can provide you insights into the tipster’s betting style and the behavior when things don’t go the right way. Eventually, you can save your time by paying a small amount of money to get fully analyzed tips. If you decide to pay for a subscription, be patient, and give a tipster time to show you what he can do.